Marigold Heirloom Seeds 'Petite Series Mixed'

Marigold Heirloom Seeds 'Petite Series Mixed'

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TheLittleVegePatchCo high quality Heirloom Seeds- are exactly that!

An old variety pre-dating back to the 1960's where seeds collected produced a near exact copy of the parent plant and are passed down through the generations possessing heritage qualities, ranging from flavour, yield, memory of resistance to disease and more.

Sourced locally in small batches this helps to ensure that seeds stay at their maximum viability for germination.

This mix of brightly coloured small-crested French Marigolds, produce tones of red and orange tinge that grow to approximately 30cm tall.  They are the perfect addition for beginners, low-maintenance gardeners and small pots for colour and vitality.

Approximate Number of Seeds:

Approximately 75 Seeds


Prefer a full sun position but can take some light afternoon shade.


Soil Guidelines:
Preparation is key. Prefers well-drained soils. Treat your soil in nutrient rich compost at least 2-3 weeks prior to planting. Soil pH level 6.5-7.00.



Planting Guide:

Zone 1: October - April

Zone 2: September - May

Zone 3: Anytime

Zone 4: Anytime


Planting Instructions:

Sow in warmer conditions where outside temperature is 18 degrees and over. Space seeds approximately 15-20cm apart at a depth of 0.5-1cm. In colder climates, propagate in greenhouse or seed tray. Transplant to your garden patch or pot once the outside environmental conditions have improved in temperature. 


Companion Planting:

Marigolds are the perfect companion plant for fruit, vegetables and herbs. In particular tomatoes.


*** Please Note: Seeds cannot be shipped to Western Australia